This is what you were meant to do! Life's circumstances have taken you down a different path, but at McVean Incubator Farm we can help you find your way back to your true calling!

Program Details

Test Marketer


This is the first stage of our program. Our innovative approach focuses on the sales side of the farm business first. This allows farmers to start developing their market and generating sales using produce from the onsite farm. This relieves the pressure of learning how to grow large quantities of good quality produce and marketing them at the same time.

Test Cropper


In the second stage of the program, Test Croppers receive a small plot of land so they can continue to develop their growing skills. They continue to access produce from the onsite farm and continue to collaborate with other farmers to generate sales and grow their markets. 

Start-up Farmer


In the third and final stage, Start-up farmers get access to larger plots of land and and have acquired the tools and skills they need to manage their land. They are increasingly able to grow significant volumes of produce economically. They now have well-established markets and sales channels and are well-positioned for a successful farming career.

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