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Test Marketer

Build Your Market

During April and May as a Test Marketer, you will be developing your market and sales channels while working a minimum of 5 hours a week assisting with vegetables of your choice.  When produce becomes available in early June your focus will switch to supplying  your markets with fresh produce. Our innovative approach focuses on the marketing and sales side of the farm business first ensuring that your farm business will be able to generate enough income to be profitable.

Prerequisites : none

Time Commitment : 5 hrs per week from May - October

Assigned Land : None

Success Criteria : Generate $1000 in sales

Cost : none

Test Cropper

Put it together on a small scale

Test Croppers receive a small plot of land so they can continue to develop their growing skills. They continue to access produce from the onsite farm and continue to collaborate with other farmers to generate sales and grow their markets.

Prerequisites : none

Time Commitment : 16 hrs per week from May - October

Assigned Land : 1000 square feet 

Success Criteria : Generate $3000 in sales, well maintained plot (neatness, weed management)

Cost : $1475 Includes bed preparation, compost amendment, deer fence, rabbit fence, water, drip pipe, access to farm sales channels.

Start-up Farmer

Expand your farm business

Start-up farmers have completed a successful year as a Test Cropper and have acquired the tools, machinery and skills they need to manage a larger plot of land on their own. They are increasingly able to grow significant volumes of produce economically. They will continue to establish their markets and sales channels and are becoming better positioned to acquire their own land and have a successful farming career.

Prerequisites : At least one year as a Test Cropper, Farm insurance

Time Commitment : 30 hrs per week during the growing season

Assigned Land : Starting at 0.5 acres to a maximum of 3 acres if available

Cost : $1875 plus. Includes land and access to water.

Success Criteria : Well maintained, productive plot.

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